Lead Scenario Developer and WarGame Designer with Top Secret Clearance

Perm, direct hire position! Currently seeking a Lead Scenario Developer and Game Designer to support this effort located at Quantico, VA.


Leads the entire USMC Wargaming Support team to conduct wargames to explore the value and utility of concepts for future implementation by the Marine Corps, act as the lead on the USMC Title 10 wargame programs.

Integrates with other service wargaming organizations in support of wargaming requirements, and acts as the overall Service lead for and coordination of USMC, naval, Joint, DoD, interagency, and coalition wargaming matters.

Develops a clear wargame purpose and objectives for each wargame based on guidance from WGD personnel and interface with the wargame sponsor.

Plans, coordinates, facilitates, and participates in Pathway events (which may include participants from the WGD and from other USMC organizations, military services, Combatant Commands, Allies, Interagency, and Non-Governmental organizations) for a specific wargame.

Creates, develops, documents, and delivers a wargame design and scenario for each specified war game.

Supports all aspects of the wargame main event.

Analyzes wargaming results and submits required after-action reports.

Reviews all final reports and documents produced by the Wargaming Division, specifically relying on the understanding and interpretation of the Capabilities Development Directorate (CDD) and Combat Development and Integration (CD&I) deliverable requirements and specific requirements designed to inform the Program Objective Memorandum (POM) Capabilities Bases Assessments (CBA) process with identifying capability requirements described in relation to tasks, conditions, standards and performers.


Bachelor's degree.

Twelve (12) years' experience developing scenarios and designing, organizing and implementing plans for complex military wargames or exercises that cover current and future military concepts and strategic issues.

Minimum qualifications:

Experience with joint wargames involving inter-agency coordination and specific experience with service Title X and Marine Corps-specific game.

Veteran of the United States Marine Corps in 0302 infantry, or 0802 artillery.

Rank of Col or Lt. Col.

Army, Navy, Air force or marine War College Graduate.

Former G3 Planner.

Clearance requirement:

Final Top Secret with SCI eligibility.

Preferred Qualifications:

Master's degree

School of Advanced Military Studies (SAMS) graduate.

Training command experience or experience at PMTRASYS.

MAGTF staff experience at MEU, MEF or MEB level.


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