Strategy & Policy Analyst

Company Name:
The MASY Group
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The MASY Group is a global provider of high impact National Security, intelligence, and private sector capital management solutions. Around the world and in close partnership with our clients, we leverage our international expertise to solve complex organizational, management and operational challenges. At any given time, MASY team members are working to develop effective strategies tailored to ensure our clients achieve and maintain a competitive edge. Our portfolio of consulting services includes leadership management, organizational performance, cultural competency, data exploitation, emerging markets risk mitigation strategies, professional development education and training, and cyber solutions. Throughout, our single aim is to ensure we achieve sound and measurable results we can be proud of.
The MASY Group is searching for a qualified Strategy & Policy Analyst to support a DoD contract located in Quantico, VA.
The Strategy & Policy Analyst will be responsible for establishing and maintaining a strategy and policy analysis capability that can articulate the programs and initiatives offered by the USMC's Center for Advanced Operational Culture Learning (CAOCL) into strategic documents, orders and directives. The analyst will support CAOCL's efforts to prepare for Congressional testimony and correspondence. The analyst will assist the CAOCL in responding

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